Global Azure Bootcamp Switzerland

Around the world, user groups and communities want to learn about Azure and Cloud Computing. The Global Azure Bootcamp is an independent local event on a global scale. An international committe provides a date and some guidelines and local communitites can apply to organize the Bootcamp for their city.

If you would like to read more about the worldwide movement, visit: Global Azure Bootcamp

There is a short introduction video for the Global Azure Bootcamp where Scott Guthrie and Mark Russinovich explain what it's all about:

The Global Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2017 is over! We had a great time, interesting discussions and got a lot of insights into the Microsoft Azure Platform and what it can do.

If you are looking for information regarding the Global Azure Bootcamp Switzerland 2017 including the Session Slide Decks, check out the PAST EVENTS section.

A full summary of the Bootcamp and some pictures can be found in Manuels blog: Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

The Bootcamp was organized by the Azure Zurich User Group and the Azure Cloud User Group Switzerland.
We are a group of "Azurers". People with their heads in the Cloud, passionate about building amazing stuff on the Microsoft Azure Platform. We unite everyone from Azure newbie to expert, from developer to IT-pro and from startup to enterprise. If you are interested in Cloud Computing with Microsoft, please join our meetups.

If you are looking for more community events, check out the community event list provided by Microsoft:

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